JSSC 2015-09 笔记

列一下9月的两篇 JSSC 论文

A 60 dB SNDR 35MS/s SAR ADC With Comparator-Noise-Based Stochastic Residue Estimation


An Embedded 65 nm CMOS Remote Temperature Sensor With Digital Beta Correction and Series Resistance Cancellation Achieving an Inaccuracy of 0.4 C (3 ) From 40 C to 130 C

关于 remote junction temperature sensor 的设计,数字补偿方法,串联电阻和噪声等的消除

A 26 W 97%-Efficiency Fast-Settling Dimmable LED Driver With Dual-nMOS-Sensing Based Glitch-Tolerant Synchronous Current Control for High-Brightness Solid-State Lighting Applications

具体关于glitch-tolerant synchronous current control 的方法

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