JSSC 2015-08 笔记

简单列一下八月份的 JSSC 的几篇论文

A 5.8 nW CMOS Wake-Up Timer for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Applications

采用 constant charge subtraction 结构以使用低功耗的钟控比较器

Integrated 105 dB SNR, 0.0031% THD+N Class-D Audio Amplifier With Global Feedback and Digital Control in 55 nm CMOS

主要考虑以数字方式实现的 loop filter 的结构

A Micro-Power Two-Step Incremental Analog-to-Digital Converter

以2阶 Incremental ADC 结构实现的3阶的SNR性能

Conductance Modulation Techniques in Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Maximum-Efficiency Tracking and Ripple Mitigation in 22 nm Tri-Gate CMOS

在 hysteretic control 结构中对开关尺寸的 scaling 的方法

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