JSSC 2014-09 笔记

九月份的几篇 JSSC 论文, 还是简单的记录一下:

A 2 GS/s Frequency-Folded ADC-Based Broadband Sampling Receiver

将频率折到 mixing LO谐波从而使用低速的sub-ADC实现设计

A Compact and Low-Power Fractionally Injection-Locked Quadrature Frequency Synthesizer Using a Self-Synchronized Gating Injection Technique for Software-Defined Radios

Core PLL 加上 fractional injection locked frequency divider 的结构

A Micro Inertial Energy Harvesting Platform With Self-Supplied Power Management Circuit for Autonomous Wireless Sensor Nodes

其中的power-management 部分的考虑

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