JSSC 2014-02 笔记

继续关于2月份的 JSSC 论文的部分内容:

Relation Between Delay Line Phase Noise and Ring Oscillator Phase Noise


A 72 dB DR, CT ΔΣ Modulator Using Digitally Estimated, Auxiliary DAC Linearization Achieving 88 fJ/conv-step in a 25 MHz BW

低过采样率下对多比特 feedback DAC 线性度问题的改善方法

A 12 mW Low Power Continuous-Time Bandpass ΔΣ Modulator With 58 dB SNDR and 24MHz Bandwidth at 200 MHz IF

四阶的结构,其中的 resonator 设计中引入正反馈提高Q值的方法

A 14b 60 MS/s Pipelined ADC Adaptively Cancelling Opamp Gain and Nonlinearity

通过增益调整和数字量化方法改善MDAC 的放大器的增益和非线性问题

A 25-Gb/s 2.2-W 65-nm CMOS Optical Transceiver Using a Power-Supply-Variation-Tolerant Analog Front End and Data-Format Conversion

主要是对其中的电源噪声抑制的考虑加入 noise-canceller 的分析

External Capacitor-Less Low Drop-Out Regulator With 25 dB Superior Power Supply Rejection in the 0.4–4 MHz Range

主要是针对 LDO 中调整管寄生电容导致的电源抑制问题加以补偿

A 0.791mm On-Chip Self-Aligned Comparator Controller for Boost DC-DC Converter Using Switching Noise Robust Charge-Pump


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