JSSC 2012-11 笔记

11月的JSSC论文,  还是列一下其中的部分内容:

An 80 mV Startup Dual-Mode Boost Converter by Charge-Pumped Pulse Generator and Threshold Voltage Tuned Oscillator With Hot Carrier Injection

利用Charge-pumped pulse generator 实现低压下的启动操作,对oscillator 通过调整阈值的方法改善variation 的影响

A Near-Optimum Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) in 65-nm Energy-Efficient Power Management with Frequency-Based Control (FBC) for SoC System

将功率控制回路与PLL环路结合实现的hybrid control 的方法

A High-PSRR Reconfigurable Class-AB/D Audio Amplifier Driving a Hands-Free/Receiver 2-in-1 Loudspeaker

具体的Class-AB/D 的电路以及其中的voltage tracking common mode reference 的结构

A 10-b Ternary SAR ADC With Quantization Time Information Utilization

具体关于Ternary SAR ADC 结构的分析

A 50-fJ 10-b 160-MS/s Pipelined-SAR ADC Decoupled Flip-Around MDAC and Self-Embedded Offset Cancellation

时间交织结构的流水线SAR ADC 以及具体的offset cancellation 的方法

A Low-Energy Crystal-Less Double-FSK Sensor Node Transceiver for Wireless Body-Area Network

主要可以看看关于injection locking DCO的结构

A Leakage-Current-Recycling Phase-Locked Loop in 65 nm CMOS Technology


CMOS Circuits to Measure Timing Jitter Using a Self-Referenced Clock and a Cascaded Time Difference Amplifier with Duty-Cycle Compensation


An 8-b 400-MS/s 2-b-Per-Cycle SAR ADC with Resistive DAC

具体的SAR ADC 的结构以及电路中的interpolated sampling,bootstrapping,offset cancel 等

An 11-b 300-MS/s Double-Sampling Pipelined ADC with On-Chip Digital Calibration for Memory Effects

Channel之间 opamp sharing 导致的memory effect 问题,对此的calibration方法

A 1-μW 10-bit 200-kS/s SAR ADC with a Bypass Window for Biomedical Applications

针对Biomedical 的应用,在SAR ADC 中采用 bypass window的方法减小功耗

A 190- W zero-IF GFSK Demodulator with a 4-b Phase-Domain ADC

主要是了解一下关于 phase domain ADC 的结构

2.4 Gbps, 7 mW All-Digital PVT-Variation Tolerant True Random Number Generator for 45 nm CMOS High-Performance Microprocessors


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