JSSC 2012-02 笔记

二月的的 jssc, 还是列下部分可以关注的内容

A Power-Efficient Receiver Architecture Employing Bias-Current-Shared RF and Baseband With Merged Supply Voltage Domains and 1/f Noise Reduction

主要可以看看里面提到的 low power and dynamic range optimized down converter

A Broadband CMOS RF Front-End for Universal Tuners Supporting Multi-Standard Terrestrial and Cable Broadcasts

对 Tuner 的带宽问题的考虑,针对此设计的 wide-band LNA, harmoinc rejection Mixer 等

A Broadband Low-Power Low-Noise Active Balun With Second-Order Distortion Cancellation

输出共模反馈到单端输入减小 IM2 的方法

A Differential Digitally Controlled Crystal OscillatorWith a 14-Bit Tuning Resolution and Sine Wave Outputs for Cellular Applications

大概看看 tuning 的方法和里面 signal-shaping 的结构

A Compact Dynamic-Performance-Improved Current-Steering DAC With Random Rotation-Based Binary- Weighted Selection

还是 dynamic matching 的分析,具体的 random rotation 的方法

A 0.018% THD+N, 88-dB PSRR PWM Class-D Amplifier for Direct Battery Hookup

结合3阶前馈结构的 sigma-delta 环路的 class-d amplifier 的分析

A 21 nV/sqrt(Hz) Chopper-Stabilized Multi-Path Current-Feedback Instrumentation Amplifier With 2uV Offset

关于 instrumentation amplifier 和 chooper 的结构,再有 ripple-reduction loop 的分析

A Translinear, Log-Domain FPAA on Standard CMOS Technology

具体的 wide-dynamic range translinear cell 的考虑

A Novel Wide-Temperature-Range, 3.9 ppm/ C CMOS Bandgap Reference Circuit

主要考虑还是对 Vbe 非线性部分曲率校正的方法


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