JSSC 2011-8 笔记

8月的JSSC的内容基本是来源于2010年的CICC (IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference) 会议上的论文, 简单列一下可以关注的部分:

A 4-Port-Inductor-Based VCO Coupling Method for Phase Noise Reduction

基于 4-port inductor coupling 结构的VCO,此结构振荡器的工作原理和具体相位噪声的分析

A 475 mV, 4.9 GHz Enhanced Swing Differential Colpitts VCO With Phase Noise of -136 dBc/Hz at a 3 MHz Offset Frequency

利用ESDC-VCO (Enhanced Swing Differential Colpitts VCO)的结构,实现的电源电压的VC

Design and Analysis of Varactor-Less Interpolative-Phase-Tuning Millimeter-Wave LC Oscillators with Multiphase Outputs

利用 interpolative-phase-tuning (IPT) 方法来实现频率调谐,实现的Varactor-Less 环振

An Inside Body Power and Bidirectional Data Transfer IC Module Pair

主要还是里面的passive MOS ac-dc converter 的设计

A 6-Gb/s MIMO Crosstalk Cancellation Scheme for High-Speed I/Os

采用的多入多出连续时间均衡器(multiple-input multiple-output continuous-time equalizer)的低功耗的串扰消除crosstalk mitigation 方法

Fully Digital Transmit Equalizer With Dynamic Impedance Modulation

与传统的恒定阻抗方式不同,这里用dynamic impedance modulation 的方法实现Transmit pre-emphasis 预加重电路

A 0.7-to-3.5 GHz 0.6-to-2.8 mW Highly Digital Phase-Locked LoopWith Bandwidth Tracking


A 550-uW 10-b 40-MS/s SAR ADC With Multistep Addition-Only Digital Error Correction

SAR ADC 的设计,主要是关于Multistep Addition-Only Digital Error Correction (ADEC)的方法

SHA-Less Pipelined ADC With In Situ Background Clock-Skew Calibration

SHA-less pipelined ADC中,利用digital skew calibration结构来消除timing error的方法

Exploiting Combinatorial Redundancy for Offset Calibration in Flash ADCs

采用statistical element selection (SES) 方法的offset-calibrated comparator的设计

A 5-MHz 11-Bit Self-Oscillating ΣΔ Modulator With a Delay-Based Phase Shifter in 0.025 mm2

噪声整形与PWM结合的Sigma-Delta modulator的设计

A 5-MHz 91% Peak-Power-Efficiency Buck Regulator With Auto-Selectable Peak- and Valley-Current Control

采用auto-selectable peak- and valley-current control (ASPVCC) 结构实现的高开关频率的dc-dc converter.

Fully-Integrated On-Chip DC-DC Converter With a 450X Output Range

针对 DVS ( dynamic voltage scaling ) 的 dc-dc 变换器的设计,主要是通过输出电流的检测以使变换器在不同模式下工作

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