Analog Design with Structual Methodolgy

把这Analog Circuit Design with Structual Methodolgy本书看了看,觉得要学的东西实在是太多了
这里面的一个思想就是强调system thinking

some tips:
structural methodology in analog ic design
1. description of the system functionality at the high level of abstraction using the signal flow graph;

2. equivalent transformations and modifications of the system graphto the forms where all important parameters are controlled by dedicated feedback loops;

3. implementations of these graphs using the library of elementary cells

4. simplified, single-glance estimation of possible implementations of the most attractive ones

5. consideration of the non-linear effects (saturation , short circuit , input overload) and adding to thecircuit the necessary clamps and protection units

6. simulation of a small number of chosen implementations and selection of the final circuit

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Analog Design with Structual Methodolgy》有2个想法


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