OPAMP 相关资源

Book and Course-Note

OPAMP for Every One
TI 关于运放的文章,主要是 OPAMP 的应用方面,内容很全

Introduction to CMOS OP-AMPs and Comparators
Roubik Gregorian 关于运放和比较器的书,对于各种电路结构的分析和演进过程讲的很不错

Analog BiCMOS Design: Practices and Pitfalls
关于 BiCMOS 的设计的介绍

Allen’s short-course on opamp
Phillip E Allen 关于 Analog IC Design 的课件

Advanced CMOS operational amplifier design
Advanced CMOS operational amplifier design 课件

Reference papers

Design Procedures for a Fully Differential Folded-Cascode CMOS Operational Amplifier

Overshoot as a Function of Phase Margin

Matching Analysis and the Design of Low Offset Amplifiers

Cadence Op-Amp Schematic Design Tutorial for TSMC CMOSP35
Cadence 环境下运放设计的实例

Relationship between Frequency Response and Settling Time

A fast-settling CMOS Op amp for SC circuits with 90-dB DC gain
关于 gain-boost opamp 结构的分析

Settling-Time-Oriented Design Procedure for Two-Stage Ampflifiers with Current-Buffer Miller Compensation
关于建立时间和 cascode compensation 的方法

Sizing CMOS circuits by means of the gm/Id methodology and a compact model 
关于 gm/Id 的设计方法

Characterizing Differential Amplifiers for Communications Circuits
Cadence 工具对差分放大器的仿真方法

Enhancing General Performance of Folded Cascode Amplifier by Recycling Current
关于 recycling folded cascode 的结构

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